White Pepper/
Vellai Milagu
(வெள்ளை மிளகு)

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Benefits of Vellai Milagu (White Pepper):

• White pepper for indigestion: White pepper enables the body to emit more hydrochloric corrosive, which is fundamental for processing proteins and other nourishment parts. Additionally, white pepper has a lot of fiber. Fiber invigorates peristaltic movement and expanded discharge of gastric juices, which facilitates absorption, avoids conditions like a blockage, and shields the body from more genuine conditions like a colorectal malignancy. Fiber can likewise rub cholesterol out of the courses and veins.
• White pepper can aid vitality generation and cell reinforcement barrier: White pepper has an unpretentious measure of manganese, which is a fundamental cofactor in a few compounds imperative in vitality generation and cancer prevention agent resistance. For instance, a few chemicals incapacitate free radicals delivered inside the mitochondria (the vitality creation plants inside our cells), which require manganese.
• White pepper may enhance dental well-being: White pepper battles tooth rot and gives snappy alleviation from a toothache.
• White pepper may help skin conditions: Piperine, in white pepper, has appeared to be viable against vitiligo, a skin sickness that makes regions of the skin lose their pigmentation.
• White pepper is helpful for improving bone health: White pepper contains minerals, for example, manganese, copper, and magnesium, which are basic for sound bone advancement and quality, especially as individuals start to age, and their bones bit by bit debilitate.


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Vellai Milagu
(வெள்ளை மிளகு)

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