SPL. Arokiya Podi/Powder
(SPL. ஆரோக்கிய பொடி)

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Arokiya podi:


First and foremost benefit of Arokiya Powder is that it relieves you from indigestion due to heavy consumption of the following:

1.Food made from Maida(Wheat flour) such as Parotta, Pizza, Burger and Bajji
2.Almost all dishes made from Chicken
3.Almost all dishes made from Mutton
4.Almost all dishes made from Fishes

Very helpful in maintaining weight!

Other benefits of Arokiya Podi:

• To cure Common cold and cough
• Get rid of tiredness
• For body pain due to fever
• Regulates body function
• Treats headache due to cold & sinus problems
• Cures lack of appetite
• Cures Stomach ache
• Heals Fever and cough
• To heal ulcers
• Relieves constipation
• To remove toxins from the body
• To cure chronic lung problem

How to consume Arokiya Powder:

FOR CHILDREN: Mix 3gms of Arokiya Powder in either water or honey or a mixture of both and drink.
FOR ADULT: Mix 5gms of Arokiya Powder in either water or honey or a mixture of both and drink.

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10 reviews for SPL. Arokiya Podi/Powder
(SPL. ஆரோக்கிய பொடி)

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  1. Raj

    Good healthy drink

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  2. Selvam

    Best powder for all body problems,in our family all of us use this wisely….

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  3. Saranya

    Best drink for helps to relieve from from all heavy food N feels light after consuming it.

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  4. Sree Kamali

    I tried this product it really cures indigestion as soon as it’s consumed. So good for my body and I really love it ♥️ Thank you so much for your lovely product 😍

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  5. Santhiyah Subramaniam

    Hello. This is my first time giving a health product review and I’m glad to do so. I’m happy to give review about the purchased products a month ago. The products are amazing and worth buying.

    For the multhani mitty, it literally helps my skin to get cleaner and I can feel my skin cells are healthy as well. I can feel the freshness in my face stays longer.

    As for the arokiya podi, I can feel the difference after every meal where I no longer have digestive issues and bloating. My mum also consumes it and she’s feeling amazing after trying it out. Thank you so much for the amazing products. Natural products are the best for a healthy life. Hope to purchase more real soon.

    My mum is also getting better with the thailam. It relaxes her joints and knee pain. She doesn’t feel the pain for longer time. It really works well for her.

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  6. Rejina banu

    My family tried Arokiya podi best drink for digestion so good for my family thank you 🙏

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  7. Rejina banu

    Arokya podi = Super podi👍

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  8. Poornima Sreeram

    Arogya Podi is the best Herbal Product that I’ve purchased. It’s a good medicine for any ailment in our body… I suggest everyone to buy this product to lead a healthy disease -free life.. Thank you Patti vaithyam.. 🙏🙏

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  9. Bala Murugan

    Nice product. Lowers cholestrol well. Really happy

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  10. Saranya

    A must need product which should be available with all. consuming it reduces all discomfort after heavy meal .

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