Vishnukiranthi Powder
(விஷ்ணுகிரந்தி பொடி)

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Benefits of Vishnu Kiranthi:

• Vishnukranthi Plant Decoction used for Fever, Reducing Stress & Enhancing Memory.
• It is one of the psychotropic drugs that cures nervous debility and dementia.
• It treats disorders of nervous system.
• It gives relief in anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, epilepsy and fits.
• It reduces stress.
• It detoxifies body.
• It helps in digestive impairment due to nervousness.
• It has laxative action.
• It has aphrodisiac action and strengthens reproductive system.
• It is one of the best herbs used as a general tonic and rejuvenation.
• It cures Ulcers, Toothache, Hair care and also used to Improve Libido.


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(விஷ்ணுகிரந்தி பொடி)

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