Vilvam Leaves Powder/
Vilva Ilai Podi
(வில்வ இலை பொடி)

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Benefits of Vilvam:

• Vilvam is helpful in increasing immunity and is effective against seasonal diseases like cough, cold and fever.
• Children often get sick during cold weather. Vilvam Powder is safe for children and can be given to them during such infections.
• Vilvam is rich in fibre which makes it a wonderful laxative. It has tannins which help relieve diarrhoea, cholera and other digestive disorders.
• Vilvam has anti oxidant properties as well due to which it helps remove toxins from body and improve overall metabolism.
• Vilvam is also known for its property to regulate thyroid secretion there by maintaining normal thyroid function and prevents hyperthyroidism.
• Vilvam protects liver from injuries and keeps it healthy. Because of this property it is highly recommended in case of liver infections like cirrhosis, jaundice and other liver disorders. Vilvam is also found to heal Ulcer.
• Vilvam has hypoglycaemic properties. It reduces oxidative stress on pancreas by reducing the free radicals and increases the level of antioxidants there by reducing the risk of diabetes. Regular use of Vilvam has shown good results in diabetic patients.
• Vilvam has phytochemicals which help maintain blood pressure. It has soothing effect on body and hence a fine paste of Vilvam Powder applied on forehead relieves headache.
• Vilvam is anti-inflammatory in nature and hence it is highly effective in both chronic and acute inflammation. Vilvam leaf paste applied on the swollen part provides quick relief from inflammation.


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Vilva Ilai Podi
(வில்வ இலை பொடி)

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