Neem Leaves Powder/
Veppilai Podi
(வேப்பிலை பொடி)

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Benefits of Veppilai( Neem leaves ):

• Antibacterial Potential:

One of the most widely recognized benefits of neem oil, leaves, tea, and every other derivative is its strong antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. This comes into play both internally and externally, which is why neem is considered to be such a general tonic for the immune system and as a simple way to keep your overall health better protected.

• Gastric Health:

Consuming neem has been directly connected with a reduction in inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, which helps to reduce ulcers and a wide range of other intestinal issues, such as constipation, bloating, and cramping. It can also be used as a quick healing antidote for stomach flu and infections that can destroy beneficial bacteria in the gut.

• Diabetes Treatment:

The exact pathway of this beneficial effect of neem is somewhat unclear, but there is a connection between a lower deman for insulin in the body and the consumption of neem. Neem’s chemical components optimize insulin receptor function and ensure that the body is receiving appropriate amounts of insulin, which protects against the development of diabetes. Furthermore, for patients who have diabetes, neem can be used to minimize the dependence on insulin therapy.

• Malaria Treatment:

There has been some unconfirmed research that neem can effectively treat malaria symptoms and minimize the danger of the disease, but neem’s more common relationship to malaria is as a natural insect repellent that is nontoxic and highly effective in repelling mosquitoes, which are the main vectors of malaria.

• Reproductive Health:

Neem is widely used as a natural spermicide and birth control agent, as it is likely to reduce the chances of conception for both men and women without harming them in a toxic way. It lowers fertility levels without impacting libido and can even help treat or prevent certain sexually transmitted diseases.

• Neem for Dandruff:

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of neem make it very popular in shampoos and scalp cleansers, as it can help the skin remain hydrated and eliminate dandruff while strengthening your hair and improving the health of your hair follicles due to its antioxidant content. In fact, it is even used in traditional medicine to stimulate hair growth and prevent male-pattern baldness.

• Detoxifying Effects:

Whether you are using neem paste or leaves directly on the skin, consuming neem extracts in supplements or in some other form, the active ingredients in this one-stop pharmacy tree will help to rid the body of toxins. Neem has been known to stimulate the liver and kidneys, helping to eliminate toxins quickly and optimizing the body’s metabolic activities. A great deal of detritus accumulates on our skin every day, including germs, microbes, dust, and grime; neem paste can help neutralize those chemicals, pathogens, or dirt that can cause irritation or illness.

• Acne Treatment:

In terms of treating acne, which is one of the most widespread and challenging skin conditions to treat or eliminate, neem paste is recommended to eliminate much of grease and bacteria that can exacerbate the condition.

• Pore Size:

When neem paste is applied as a face mask, it works as an excellent exfoliant, and can also shrink pore size, which will help to prevent the development of blemishes and pimples.

• Fungal Infections:

You can apply neem paste or diluted neem oil directly onto infected areas of the body, including Athlete’s foot. The antifungal effects of neem’s active organic ingredients are rapid and highly efficient, leaving your immune system and skin intact


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Veppilai Podi
(வேப்பிலை பொடி)

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