Vasambu Podi/
Sweetflag Powder
(வசம்பு பொடி)

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About Vasambu(Sweet Flag):

Vasambu is called Sweet Flag in English. Usually a piece of vasambu is tied to the babies hand, so that when the babies suck on that piece of vasambu they won’t have any stomach ailments. Thus, it helps mothers to raise their infants without getting any diseases. Vasambu can be stored in the pantry for almost a year.

Benefits of Vasambu(Sweet Flag):

• Vasambu helps to get rid of all gastric problems.
• It stimulating aroma rejuvenates the brain and the nervous system.
• It is also effective against digestive disorders.
• Baby nutrition problems and baby sleep problems are the most common problems in newborns.
• Remedy for acid re-flux, loose motion, hair removal, and flatulence. The other stomach problems like indigestion, stomach, loss of appetite can also be cured with the herb extracts.


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Sweetflag Powder
(வசம்பு பொடி)

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