Thottaalsinungi Powder
(தொட்டால்சிணுங்கி பொடி)

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Benefits of Thottaal Sinungi:

1. Thottaal Sinungi Wound Healing Activity: Traditionally the leaf extract made by grinding the leaves with little water and extracting the juice is used for treating wounds.
2. Thottaal Sinungi Anti Venom Activity: The water extract of the Thotta Sinungi dried root powder proved that it is very good at inhibiting the activity of the snake venom.
3.Thottaal Sinungi For Ulcers: It has good effect on ulcers.
4. Thottaal Sinungi For Diarrhea: Thotta Sinungi is very good in treating diarrhea. A study done on albino rats by inducing them to diarrhea using castor oil and treating them with Thotta Sinungi extract proved to be very effective in controlling the diarrhea.
5. Thotta Sinungi Anti Diabetic Activity: Mimosa pudicas anti diabetic activity has been proven through research. The research was done using the ethanolic extract but usually the leaf powder or the root powder is taken daily for bringing down the blood sugar levels.
6. Liver Protecting Activity of Thotta Sinungi: Another important medicinal use its protection of liver against toxins . it proved to be very effective in protecting the liver from toxicity.
7. Anti microbial, Anti Fungal & Anti Viral Properties Of Thottaal Sinungi: Mimosa pudica has been proven for its anti microbial, anti fungal and anti viral properties. The research was done using different concentrations of the mimosa pudica ethanol extract on various fungus and bacteria and it proved to be very effective in controlling them.
8. Thottaal Sinungi for Anti fertility Activity: Mimosa pudica has proven to have anti fertility properties. so if you are trying for pregnancy, never consume mimosa pudica in any form.

Mimosa Pudica For Piles:

Mimosa Pudica is very good for treating bleeding piles and has been used as a remedy for it for many many years.


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Thottaalsinungi Powder
(தொட்டால்சிணுங்கி பொடி)

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