Thoothuvalai Podi/
Climbing Brinjal Powder
(தூதுவளைப் பொடி)

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Benefits of Thoothuvalai(Climbing Brinjal Powder):

• Thoothuvalai for cold and cough: The herb is considered as the best remedy for treating babies and adult cough and cold. It works effectively on throat irritation and itching. The consumption of the Thoothuvalai kashayam or legiyam reduces the congestion of nose and chest. The people who are suffering from chronic cough and cold can take advantage of the Thoothuvalai powder.

• Asthma and other respiratory problems: This medicinal plant is very effective in treatment of Asthma. Its best treatments for many types of respiratory problems like carcinoma and anorexia.

• Strength and energy: The herb is considered as the very good medicine for getting strength and energy in the body. The natural steroids present in the herb give strength and stamina to the human being.

• Sinus problem: In ayurveda this herb is popularly used for treating sinus, lung diseases and even for the treatment of tuberculosis.

• Production of blood: Thoothuvalai is very useful for increasing the production of blood in the body and it also increases the blood circulation effectively. The problem of indigestion and other gastric problems can be cured with the use of Thoothuvalai leaves extracts.

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Climbing Brinjal Powder
(தூதுவளைப் பொடி)

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