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About Thippili:

Thippili is very famous among Tamil people and is used extensively in home remedies. Not only in Tamil Nadu, long pepper has been in use all over the world from ancient times. We use both the dried fruits and the roots of the plant in remedies. The fruits are called “Arisi Thippili ” in Tamil and the roots are called “Kandathippili in Tamil “. Thippili is called Long Pepper in English.

Benefits of Thippili:

• It is used for treating depression, weight loss, all kinds of inflammation and diabetes!
• Long pepper has anti oxidant, anti depressant, anti inflammatory, anti microbial, analgesic, anti fungal and cardio protective properties.
• It control Hiccups,controls Headache, Vitamin B1 deficiency, Fever, Headache and Stroke.

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