Sirupeelai Podi
(சிறுபீளை பொடி)

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Benefits of Sirupeelai:

In Tamil Maruthuvam: For Urinal Problems; It is diuretic which helps in promoting the production of urine, effective in urethral problems, lithiasis, and gonorrhea.

In Ayurveda: It acts as a demulcent which helps in getting relief from pain and inflammation.

As per Paatti Vaithiyam: It acts as an astringent thereby helping in reducing bleeding in piles. It is also used as a treatment for diarrhea and hemorrhages.

As a Natural Remedy: Sirupeelai’s stem acts as an antioxidant which helps in balancing the free radicals.

As Great Natural relief for Kidney Stone: It is lithontriptic and antilithic which gives the plant the power to destroy stones in kidneys and bladder.

As a Herbal booster: It is also known for increasing memory power and used to treat a headache, abdomen and digestion problems.

In Siddha Maruthuvam for Back pain: It is effective for neck and back pain, fever, urine problems and also regulates body metabolism.

As a Herb for Liver disease: Aerva Lanata is considered to be effective for hepatitis and inflammation of the liver.

Natural way for fat burning: Aerva Lanata is also used for the treatment of many health problems like Anemia, Alzheimer, Arthritis, Cholesterol, lung problems, bone problems and also blood circulation.

Helps to fight against pathogens: It protects both the skin and the body from pathogens and it is anthelmintic which helps in destroying parasitic worms and reducing sores and injuries on the skin.

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(சிறுபீளை பொடி)

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