Dried Rose Petals/
Roja Idhazh
(ரோஜா இதழ்)

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Benefits of Roja Idhazh(Rose Petal):

• Rose Petal water is an effective astringent that reduces swelling of capillaries beneath the skin.
• Rose Petal tea is efficient in cleansing gall bladder and liver, and it helps improve bile secretion. Rose petals are dried and crushed and the powdered form is added in tea.
• Rose petal tea also helps in alleviating mild sore throats and bronchial infections. The tea cools the body and reduces fever-related rashes.
• Rose essential oil is used along with carrier oils such as almond or grape fruit to treat various illnesses like hemorrhage, liver problems, nausea, fatigue, ulcers, asthma, dehydration, and bacterial infections of the stomach, colon, and urinary tract.
• Rose petals are an important ingredient in eye washes as well, as it is antiseptic in nature.
• Rose Petal water benefits include nourishing the scalp and improving hair growth. It is medicinally used as an antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory product. It is also used to treat dry scaly skin and dermatitis.

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Roja Idhazh
(ரோஜா இதழ்)

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