Pirandai Powder
(பிரண்டை பொடி)

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Benefits of Pirandai:

Pirandai for Gastritis, Indigestion & Lack of Appetite:

Pirandai treats all digestion related problems like gastritis, indigestion and lack of appetite.


Pirandai poultice is very good for treating sprains and swollen joints (suluku in Tamil). It is also one home remedy that many people in our village use often for minor injuries, as it heals the minor sprains and fractures very fast.

Pirandai helps stomach disorders for children:

Regularly including pirandai to children’s diet will prevent them from getting stomach disorders.

Pirandai for Bleeding Piles & Deworming:

This treatment for bleeding piles has to done continuously for at least 7 to 10 days to see results.
It’s used to treat blood Pressure, heart diseases, Fat increase, Gynecological problems.
It is a best worming medicine, menstrual problems and is also the best home remedy for ear pain.


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(பிரண்டை பொடி)

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