Paneer/Panneer Poo
(பன்னீர் பூ)

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Paneer poo is a flower that is native to India, Pakistan & Afghanistan. It is known to have medicinal properties and is great for diabetics. In addition, it not just utilizes the blood glucose but also repairs the beta cells of the pancreas. It promotes the secretion of insulin in the right amount. The herb promotes the depletion of blood sugar with improvement in glucose utilization and carbohydrate metabolism. It lowers the complication of hyperglycemia. The usage of anti-diabetic drugs and insulin is lowered on the regular use of Paneer Poo.

Benefits of Paneer Poo:

  • Best medicine for Diabetes.
  • Cures Asthma.
  • Purify the blood.
  • Teeth Cleaning.
  • Reduces Body aches.
  • Improves Physical Stamina.
  • Healing of wounds.
  • Nervous Exhaustion.

How to Use :

Soak about 10 – 15 pods of Paneer Poo in a glass of water overnight. Squeeze them to bring out their extract in the water. Filter it through a sieve and drink it in the morning(on empty stomach).
Take care if you are on a prescription medicine since it immediately gives results, your blood sugar may fall. Therefore, regularly test your blood sugar levels and adjust the dose of medicine with your physician’s advice.


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(பன்னீர் பூ)

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