Oridhazh Thamarai Powder
(ஓரிதழ் தாமரை பொடி)

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Benefits of Oridhazh Thamarai:

• For Men: Oridhazh Thamarai has shown increase in the testosterone level in males and also has aphrodisiac properties.
• Hypolipidemic Activity: Oridhazh thamarai has cholesterol lowering properties, regular intake of Oridhazh thamarai will result in reduction of cholesterol significantly.
• Antioxidant & Anti Diabetic activity: Oridhazh thamarai has amazing anti oxidant properties which helps reduce oxidative stress very effectively. It also reduces blood sugar levels.
• For Treating Anaemia: Another important use of Oridhazh thamarai is its amazing ability to treat anaemia as the extract of Oridhazh thamarai has high amounts of iron.
• For Reducing Body Heat: The decoction of the plant is used for reducing body heat, this use is quite famous and is followed in villages. The extract also has anti allergic and pain reducing properties.

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(ஓரிதழ் தாமரை பொடி)

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