Nocchi Leaves Powder
(நொச்சி இலை பொடி)

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Benefits of Nocchi Leaf:

In Ayurveda: It helps to reduce the swelling and pains of joints and Muscle sprains.
As Herbal Medicine: Helps in digestion and Its used for burns,post childbirth problems,fever,muscle sprains, scandy urine, antiseptic, nervine, emmenagogue ,migraine.
In Nattu Maruthuvam: Due to its warm potency it helps to increase the menstrual flow in those who have scanty periods (menstrual flow).
As one of its Herbal Remedies: Helps to control the discharge through ears.
Eye sight: Helps to provide healthy eye sight.
Helps to reduce the generalized pains of body.
Helps in stimulating the liver for its healthy secretions.

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(நொச்சி இலை பொடி)

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