Nilavembu Powder
(நிலவேம்பு பொடி)

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Benefits of Nilavembu

Looking for natural ways to boost immunity? Nilavembu is a herbal remedy that will do you good. It is a medicinal herb that treats all diseases.  Here are some benefits that its medicine offers.

• Reduces Risks of Diabetes, Arthritis, Liver Diseases and Cancer
• Reduces Risks of all kinds of fever
• Treats Arthritis
• Treats Skin Problems
• Good For Digestion
• Prevents ulcers
• Reduces risks of heart problems
• Reduces risks of respiratory problems
• Natural Immunity booster

NOTE: The Tamil Nadu government had distributed Nilavembu(Kashayam) to treat people infected with dengue during the outbreak in 2017.


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(நிலவேம்பு பொடி)

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