Nerunjil Powder
(நெருஞ்சில் பொடி)

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Benefits of Nerunjil Podi:

Reduction in kidney problems:

When consumed in the form of a water-based decoction for twice a day, it is said to break and eliminate kidney stones. It also further prevents kidney stone formation in the future.

Reduction of Urinary Problems:

Urinary problems such as blood in urine, urinary infection, frequent urination, painful urination and urine blockage can be resolved to a great extent by usage of this powder.

Aids in muscle building:

We’ve seen above that the saponins in this powder increase the secretion of hormones like testosterone. This helps in resolving weakness by helping improve the immune system, and further helps in muscle building and increase in body strength.

For muscle building:

Grind Nerunjil powder along with Karisalankanni powder and Adhimathuram powder(all in equal quantities), and consume it twice a day to notice benefits in a few days.

Blood Pressure reduction:

The hypotensive properties of Nerunjil help in controlling high blood pressure. Regular consumption of this powder also helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

Boosts sexual performance:

Nerunjil powder, when consumed along with Ashwagandha(Amukkara) powder, can help reduce sexual weakness in men, including treating issues of erectile dysfunction and low sperm count. The saponins contained in Nerunjil stimulates testosterone secretion in men and promotes spermatogenesis. It should be consumed twice a day for up to 10 days before any difference can be noticed.


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(நெருஞ்சில் பொடி)

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