Nelli Vathal/Dried Amla
(நெல்லி வத்தல்)

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Benefits of Dried Indian Gooseberry:

• People using dried Indian gooseberry in many hair oils because it enhances hair growth and pigmentation. Amla hair oil is very famous in India as it prevents hair loss and baldness. You can eat the fresh gooseberry or apply the paste to the root of the hairs that increase hair growth and color.
• By drinking gooseberry juice, you can improve your eyesight and eye problems such as nearsightedness, cataracts, etc. It contains Vitamin A and carotenes that reduce macular degeneration, night blindness and increase your vision.
• Calcium is an important component of your body, teeth, bones, nails, and also hair. The Amla contains Vitamin C that helps the body to absorb Calcium, and it is an effective way to keep your body and great.
• The amla is a combination of the minerals and vitamins that help to cure menstrual cramps.
• The protein content in nelli vathal plays a major role in metabolic activity. Protein is the main for the development of cells, muscles, and organs.
• Dried Indian gooseberry triggers the beta-pancreatic cells and enhances the secretion of Insulin, which in turn reduces the blood sugar level. Besides, this reduces the bad cholesterol level.
• Amla has diuretic properties that increase urination by eliminating excess toxins, water, salts from the body. It maintains a healthy kidney.
• Fibers present in amla helps in digestion by improving bowel movements. It treats constipation, loose stools, and reduces diarrhea.


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(நெல்லி வத்தல்)

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