Mooligai Sambrani/
Muligai Saampirani Set
(மூலிகை சாம்பிராணி செட்)

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• Sambrani has a unique beautiful fragrance that is different from the normal incense sticks. The smell of sambrani transports back in time and somehow fills a person with peace and happiness. Even Ayurveda advises to use sambrani, as it calms the nerves, and produces tranquility, thus making the person ready for prayers.
• Women after having their hair washed, light up sambrani to dry it very quickly and also leave a beautiful fragrant smell in their hair. During winter months, if we use sambrani, we will not get a headache, especially if we have long, thick hair.
• Sambrani is also used for babies, after children have their bath, sambrani is lit and brought in that room. This prevents them from catching a cold but make sure not to bring the smoke too near the babies, as it will make their lungs delicate. No auspicious day is complete without sambrani, sambrani is always lit during our prayers and rituals.
• Regularly light up sambrani every morning, take it to every room in the house. This wards off mosquitoes and cleanses the whole place.
• To remove stale and negative energy, calm down anxiety, depression, and for a fresh smelling home.
• Light up sambrani at least weekly once and fill the whole house with the smoke. It will make the whole house smell divine.
• Even for headaches, sambrani smoke is very good.
• Purification of the air
• No auspicious day is completed without sambrani; sambrani is always lit during prayers and rituals. Lighting up of sambrani once in a day, makes us feel that we have followed proper rituals and cultures.
• This Traditional way of Lighting of Sambrani keeps the rooms spiritually strong and produces positive vibrates and also keeps away from mosquitoes.
• Medicated smoke has an important role in Ayurveda. It can be used to fumigate a room or it can carry to an individual the essence of herbs. Incense thus has healing properties. The smoke with its gandha or aroma activates the nasal system and through it makes changes in the body and mind of the person.
• Manage pain
• Improve sleep quality
• Reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety
• Soothe sore joints
• Treat headaches and migraines
• Ease discomforts
• Fight bacteria, virus, or fungus
• Improve digestion
• Improve hospice and palliative care
• Boost immunity

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Muligai Saampirani Set
(மூலிகை சாம்பிராணி செட்)

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