Maruthani Powder
(மருதாணி பொடி)

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Benefits of Maruthani:

Cooling agent: Maruthani is a great cooling agent. When applied to scrapes and burns it gives relief
Cures Headaches: Maruthani is used as a medicine for headaches.
Skin conditions: Maruthani can be used to treat skin conditions like athletes foot, rashes, and ringworm. It is also an effective sunblock.
Nails: Maruthani is known for treating cracked nails. Mix Maruthani powder in water and drink to treat your cracked nails. Repeat for at least 10 days. You can mix butter with henna powder and use it as a poultice to treat sores filled with pus, manage, and scabies
Arthritis: You can use Maruthani for arthritic and rheumatic pain.
Hair: Maruthani contains natural ingredients important for hair nourishment. It shares a great bond with hair as it helps to penetrate, cleanse, and thicken the hair shafts which improve the quality of hair. Its also used to treat dandruff. It’s commonly used for coloring hair by mixing it into natural dyes. Maruthani leaves can be used to treat baldness.


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(மருதாணி பொடி)

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