Manjal/Turmeric Powder
(மஞ்சள் பொடி)

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Benefits of Manjal Podi(Virali Manjal Powder):

• Manjal Podi is used as blood purifier and it is used in the treatment of atherosclerosis, it is used to remove accumulation in the blood vessels and used to remove toxins from the body.

• It is used in the treatment of diabetes. Turmeric herb is very effective herb that is used in the treatment of diabetes.

• Being anti-inflammatory this herb is used to reduce inflammation and used in the treatment of bone related disorders.

• Being a stimulant it is used to stimulate digestive fire and it is used as stomach tonic and used in various ailments associated with digestive system.

• Externally its paste is used for wound healing and it is also helpful to rejuvenate skin tone. It is used to heal sores and also used in various cosmetics.

• It is anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant in nature and used to cure various body disorders.

• Externally its paste is used in the treatment of acne and pimples. It is also beneficial to treat anaemia.

• It is main home remedy to cure common cold and cough.

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(மஞ்சள் பொடி)

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