Katraalai Podi/
Aloe Vera Powder
(கற்றாழை பொடி)

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Benefits of Katralai:

• It is an excellent natural antibiotic.
• It strengthens digestion, prevents the formation of gas and helps to improve large intestinal flora.
• It purifies the blood, aids digestion of protein and promotes proper metabolism in the body.
• It is also used in infection, arthritis, dysentery, jaundice and other liver problems.
• It is used to treat chest congestion, menstrual discomforts and many more ailments.
• It helps to Boosts weight loss and immunity.
• It is also extensively used in treating cough problem. Add a pinch or two of turmeric to warm milk to soothe respiratory.
• Skin Care.


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Aloe Vera Powder
(கற்றாழை பொடி)

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