Karuvelampattai Powder
(கருவேலம் பட்டை பொடி)

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Benefits of Karuvelam Pattai:

• It used for Dhatu rog, Night fall, Leucorrhoea, Prameha, Pradar.
• It cures Spermatorrhoea, loss of viscidity of semen, frequent night discharges and premature ejaculation

Other benefits:

1. Karuvelam for Tooth and gum related problems:
• Bark of babul for acts good in teeth and gum problems.

2. Karuvelam for mouth care:
• Antimicrobial action that causes reduction in oral problems
• Reduces plaque formation
• Reduces gingival inflammation (inflammation of the gums )
• Causes alkalinity of saliva that is pH of saliva increases which helps in protecting teeth from cavities, decay
• Prevents cavities, gum swelling

3.Eye diseases :
• Eye infection
• Redness


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(கருவேலம் பட்டை பொடி)

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