Kaikutthal Arisi/
Brown Rice
(கைகுத்தல் அரிசி)

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Benefits of Brown Rice/Kaikutthal Arisi:

Great Source of Energy:

Kaikuthal rice is abundant in carbohydrates it acts as fuel for the body and aids in the normal functioning of the brain. Carbohydrates are essential to be metabolized by the body and turned into functional, usable energy. The vitamins, minerals, and various organic components increase the functioning and metabolic activity of all your organ systems, which further increases energy levels.

Cholesterol Free:

Kaikuthal rice is extremely beneficial for health, simply because it does not contain harmful fats, cholesterol or sodium. It forms an integral part of balanced diet. It has low levels of fat, cholesterol, and sodium which will help in reducing obesity and the health conditions associated with being overweight.

Blood Pressure Management:

Kaikuthal Rice is low in sodium, so it is considered one of the best foods for those suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension. Sodium can cause veins and arteries to constrict, increasing the stress and strain on the cardiovascular system as the blood pressure increases. This is also associated with heart conditions like atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes, so avoiding excess sodium is always a good idea.

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Brown Rice
(கைகுத்தல் அரிசி)

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