Kadal Paasi(Badham Pisin)
கடல் பாசி
(பாதாம் பிசின்)

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Benefits of Kadal Paasi(Badham Pisin):

  • It is extensively used to reduce body heat.
  • It is useful in reviving the menstruation cycle to its original format.
  • Also, it’s said that if taken with milk and sugar, Badham Pisin can help increase weight and immunity.

Way of Consumption:

Before going to bed, mix KADAL PAASI in a glass of water and allow it to change into a jelly-like substance overnight. Then in the morning, before breakfast, consume the perfectly jelly-like Badham Pisin.


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கடல் பாசி
(பாதாம் பிசின்)

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