Goraikilangu Powder/
Koraikilangu Podi
(கோரைக்கிழங்கு பொடி)

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Benefits of Goraikilangu:

• The paste of Goraikilangu is used in treating skin related ailments like scabies and eczema and helps in relieving itching.
• The paste is used in increasing the size of the breasts. It also purifies the breast milk, improves eyesight and helps in eye related ailments.
• The extract from the roots is instilled into eyes in conjunctivitis, to reduce the pain, redness and ocular discharges.
• Goraikilangu, when taken in powdered form, improves digestive system, removes worms from the gastro-intestinal tract, curbs infection and purifies blood.
• The powder is massaged to reduce the subcutaneous fat deposition in case of obese people.
• It normalizes the menstrual disturbances and breast discomfort and maintains normal body temperature.
• Goraikilangu proves useful in diseases like psychosis and epilepsy and mental diseases.
• The herb helps, uterine contraction and provides strength to the body.
• It is used as a diuretic to treat ulcers and as an emmenagogue and an ingredient in warm plasters.
• The herb proves to be a keen stimulant in appetite.
• Goraikilangu is an effective remedy for distaste, vomiting, diarrhea, colitis and dyspepsia.
• It is considered the best herb for treating any type of fever.
• The Root is often used for developing High Memory.
• Goraikilangu is beneficial in treating cough and asthma, since it alleviates the Kapha.
• The herb harmonizes liver, spleen, and pancreas. It helps in curing thirst, bronchitis, dysuria and poisonous affections.
• Used for Skin Acne, Dandruff, Skin Wounds, and Skin Ulcers.


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Koraikilangu Podi
(கோரைக்கிழங்கு பொடி)

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