Kabasura Kudineer Powder
கபசுர கஷாயம்
(காய்ச்சல் கஷாயம்)

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• PEPPUDAL (பேப்புடல்)
• NILAVEMBU (நிலவேம்பு)
• SEENDHILKODI (சீந்தில்கொடி)
• MALLI (மல்லி)
• ADHIMATHURAM (அதிமதுரம்)
• SUKKU (சுக்கு)
• ARATTHAI (அரத்தை)
• PERARATTHAI (பேரரத்தை)
• NARUKKUMOOLAM (நறுக்குமூலம்)
• NELLI VATTHAL (நெல்லி வத்தல்)
• THIPPILI (திப்பிலி)
• MARAMANJAL (மரமஞ்சள்)
• VAALMILAGU (வால்மிளகு)

The above mentioned products are completely blended in a ratio fixed by our ancestors. This product is found to be effective against all types of viruses. We are not telling that, this is a cure for the so called “CORONA” or “COVID-19”, but this can be your first step in preventing the spread of it.

Consuming Kabasura Kashaaya Podi:

Step-1: Mix 1 spoon of Powder in a whole glass of water.

Step-2: Boil the glass of water mixed with powder till the glass of water reduces as half. Now the decoction is ready to consume.

Children must drink 50 ml before going to bed, for effectiveness.
Adults must drink 100ml before going to bed, for effectiveness.

Let’s make INDIA a CORONA-free nation!!


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கபசுர கஷாயம்
(காய்ச்சல் கஷாயம்)”

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