Cucumber Seeds/
Vellari Vidhai
(வெள்ளரி விதை)

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Cucumber plants are tendril bearing vines, rooting at the nodes, with triangular prickly hairy leaves and yellow flowers which are either male or female. The female flowers are recognized by the swollen ovary at the base which will become the edible fruit. The fruit is roughly cylindrical, elongated, with tapered ends, and may be as large as 60 cm long and 10 cm in diameter. Cucumber originated in south Asia, but is now cultivated throughout the world.

Benefits of Vellari vithai(Cucumber Seeds):

Hair Benefits:
If you are suffering from hair problems like hair fall and weak hair then cucumber seeds is the key to treat all your problems. The sulphur content of cucumber seeds helps in stimulating the growth of hair and makes them thick and healthy. Regular consumption of cucumber juice (with seeds) helps in preventing the problem of hair fall effectively.

Digestive Health Benefits:
Regular consumption of cucumber seeds is highly recommended as it helps in stimulating the overall digestive health. Cucumber seeds help in preventing a number of digestive problems like acidity, ulcers, gastritis, indigestion etc. The water, fibre and mineral content of cucumber helps in the smooth functioning of the digestive organs and helps in flushing out the toxic materials from the body.

Aids in weight loss:
It helps to shed theextra weight from the body when cucumber seeds are added in diet chart. Cucumber seeds contain less calorie and the water and mineral content of it help in losing weight more efficiently.

Promotes Gum and Teeth Health:
Regular consumption of cucumber seeds helps in improving the overall gum and teeth health. The photo chemical content of cucumber seeds is very useful in fighting off the harmful bacteria from the mouth and thus helps in getting rid of the problem of bad breath and cavities. cucumber seeds also help in increasing the salivation process too.

Promotes Brain Health:
The copper content of cucumber seeds helps in stimulating the process of neurotransmission which in turn improves the overall brain coordination. Regular consumption of cucumber seeds is recommended as it provides all the essential minerals that are required for improving the brain’s health. Regular consumption of cucumber seeds is linked with lower stress level if you have high stress then add cucumber to your daily routine in order to keep yourself up and charged.

Anti Inflammation:
Cucumber seeds possess anti inflammatory properties that help in reducing the inflammation. Regular consumption of cucumber seeds is also helpful in treating the problem of head ache.

Skin Benefits:
Cucumber seeds are very useful in treating a number of sin problems like sunburn, dry skin, tanning, wrinkles etc. The use of these seeds helps in providing a youthful look to your skin. The anti oxidants present in cucumber helps in revitalizing the skin and add a natural glow to it.


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Vellari Vidhai
(வெள்ளரி விதை)

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