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Benefits of Athimathuram:

• Medicine for Digestion: Athimathuram root has been used for centuries to treat various ailments that involves digestive tract, as it helps to protect the stomach lining.
• Medicine for Cough: Athimathuram tea is amazing home remedy for cough and since it is sweet by itself, it is easier to make the children drink it.
• Paatti Vaithiyam for Menstrual cramps: It also relieves menstrual cramps as it has antispasmodic and anti inflammatory proprieties.
• Medicine for Constipation: It is also a laxative and can relieve a person, who suffers from constipation. Consume this tea daily for 2 to 3 days to get good relief from constipation.
• Herbal remedy for Arthritis: Athimathuram has anti inflammatory properties, so it may help people who are suffering from arthritis.
• Natural Blood purifier: Blood purification and more – Athimathuram is known for its blood cleansing properties & used for blood circulation problem.
• Hair: It is good for your hair too.


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