Arathai Powder
(அரத்தை பொடி)

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Benefits of Arathai:

• Arathai for Cough: For cough with sputum, a piece of rhizome of this plant is slowly chewed. This is also good for vomiting issues.
• Arathai for Infants and children: For all sorts of digestive and respiratory ailments in infants and children, this rhizome is baked or heated and given after mixing with honey and breast milk.
• Arathai for Rheumatic Ailments: 1 to 3 gram of powder of this rhizome is administered thrice daily for rheumatic ailments.
• Arathai for Digestive Problems: For digestive problems, 1 to 5 grams of powder of this rhizome can be administered twice daily before food.
• Arathai for Headache and Fever: Athimathuram, Thaleesapathri, Arathai and Thippili can be powdered, mixed in equal quantity and given along with honey for cough, headache, fever and indigestion.
• Arathai for Increase in Sperm Count: Recent research on this plant have proved that regular consumption of this powder or decoction increases sperm count and acts as an Aphrodisiac.

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(அரத்தை பொடி)

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